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Bottle Drive

Every month Rooted. will be housing a bottle drive to support local causes that mean the most to us as a community!

This Month

This months Bottle Drive is centred around our dearest Kendra baby. Kendra as a child was diagnosed with a rare illness called neurofibromatosis. Just earlier this year she was experiencing severe symptoms and sought out medical help. After a CT scan was performed her team discovered a rare tumor in the centre of her brain caused by her NF. After 3 brain surgeries, chemo and radiation Kendra is still fighting and keeping her love for life alive. During this difficult time I would love to show her our support and love and raise awareness around her condition as well as her story and raise some money through a bottle drive! So friends, if you have any empties or are throwing a party please keep our Kendra baby in mind, Every bit helps!  If you are looking to drop empties off we have a dedicated unit outside of our front doors and if you would like to me to pick up please reach out through our email below! all of the love bbs!


Lets come together to raise awareness for next month

Lean on me, When you're not strong, And I'll be your friend, I'll help you carry on..

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